Mornington Peninsula  |  Video featured on Beat Magazine   |  2023

Meet Tig, the Melbourne muso who took the scenic route back to her musical roots.

In 2016, she made the move to Melbourne with dreams of a musical career, but found herself sidetracked by a corporate detour that lasted years. Guitars collected dust, and songs stayed on the shelf — until 2020.

Picture this: Tig on a camping trip, stumbling onto an open mic hosted by the Pierce Brothers. Reluctance turned to revelation as enthused friends offered encouragement, Tig took the stage and reigniting a flame she thought had flickered out. Monday morning, Tig pulled the plug on the corporate life, making way for the tunes she’d been bottling up.

Titled “Inside Voices,” the EP, set to release in February 2024, unveils a dual meaning: Tig’s introspective songwriting delves into the voices within our heads, particularly the critical inner dialogue that often goes unheard. Simultaneously, the title alludes to the childhood directive to use one’s “inside voice,” challenging societal norms that encourage silence and conformity.

Riah, Tig and I decided we won’t work until the coffee does — once it did, we then spent the day filming several tracks from the new EP (featured on Beat Magazine), plus some mini interview clips you’ll find below.