Nook on the Hill

The Grampians, Victoria, Australia  |  2023

It could be the birds in the morning, the quiet in the afternoon… or maybe it was the delicious wine — could it have been the call of the ‘book nook’ couch or the seemingly hand-painted light that caressed the canvas that is the beautiful kitchen? Was it the steaming bath under the stars? The roos, emus and kookaburras almost on the doorstep?

Is it the challenge itself: to pinpoint what it was about the Nook that captured my heart… or is it a faltering in my understanding of the English language? Is it the sum of everything – every nook of The Nook that makes it so magical?

Benj’s appreciation and respect for nature permeates every aspect of The Nook, where sustainable and reclaimed materials intertwine in a fusion of modern, contemporary and organic aesthetics. The Nook is striking, yet melds into the surrounding native gardens as if it grew there. So too does the interior.

The dark knots in the wood are complimented by the irregularities in the handmade crockery, beaten-brass vases, the wrought iron stools and fixtures. Even the dimples in the cutlery introduce a balanced hint of texture and irregularity to the otherwise meticulously planned space, bringing an earthy balance to the polished concrete benchtops, the sleek appliances, sharp knives, neat upholstery and modern tech.

The expansive floor-to-ceiling windows (and the view from the outdoor bathtub!) showcase breath-taking views of rolling hills and bounding kangaroos just at the end of the driveway, which also serves as a gateway to countless hikes and lookouts throughout The Grampians, starting right at the end of the driveway.  More on that here…

The Nook is a book of many charming, eccentric characters and organic, orderly locations. A narrative that lulls you away from your own life into something perfect and serene – only then the kettle pings and you’re inevitably jolted from that world, eyes up from the page and… well, you’re still in it. The Nook is so much more than a homestay. It’s a gentle story; “a slow escape from a fast world,” and I’m glad to have a little chapter in it, just as it has a little chapter in my life.

Surrounding The Nook: Gariwerd National Park