Hà Nội (zine)

Vietnam  |  2022

After almost a decade calling Indonesia home, I definitely had some preconceived ideas of what Vietnam would be like. Certain judgments, assumptions and misplaced confidence that I would understand how things work. “No problem; this is but an extension of my stomping ground,” my ego told me. I told me.

I was wrong.

I was so, so wrong. And I’m so, so greatful.

That’s not to say a bad word about my home, but more an enthusiastic “eureka” moment that this new world I’ve stumbled into is in face a new world.

•  •  •

So, a month alone in Hanoi.
On a solo trip anywhere, my experiences certainly feel unique; though on a daily basis I wonder just how unique they really are. I’m definitely not the first, and I definitely won’t be the last.

And yet Vietnam moved me profoundly.

On that I’ll need to sit down and write some more. But for the time being, I put that energy into a 36 page zine of my lost-in-love stumblings throughout Hanoi. Part Fuji C200, part digital. A few select pages are below.